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Waterfront homes in Florida aren’t exactly special. There are loads and loads of them, but it’s hard to find a place with views and character.

However, the home named Kimoni in Bradenton is legit special. On the market for $7.5 million, it’s a showstopper.

Homeowners Justin and Kim Pavoni poured money and resources into their custom compound on Sarasota Bay. The international pilot and retired interior designer drew on their years of international travel to piece together a photo-worthy estate.


Nicole Slaughter Graham

Originally, the property held nothing but a nondescript one-story house with a few rooms. The view is what sold the couple.

“I look out at that water and I immediately feel at ease,” says Justin. “I have a high-stress job and just being here relieves some stress.”

The compound they’ve built is definitely worth an insider’s look, and that’s where I come in. I went to Bradenton and took a tour of Kimoni. Here’s what I loved—along with one quibble.

View from master bedroomView from master bedroom

Nicole Slaughter Graham

1. The privacy

After jetting across the globe taking countless passengers to their intended destinations, Justin simply wanted to be able to relax in the privacy of his own home. Kim’s design delivered.

“I wanted it to be private without taking away from the view and the openness,” she explains.

Outdoor bathroomOutdoor bathroom

Nicole Slaughter Graham

There are over 400 plants and trees on the property, most of which conceal the three buildings on the property from the neighbors and even from one another. Each guest cottage is surrounded by plants for privacy, but still feels like part of a unified theme.

All the cottages offer privacy without feeling completely cut off from the rest of the world. There are outdoor showers throughout the property. Each guesthouse has a bathroom with sink and shower, and the master suite is equipped with an outdoor shower as well. However, you won’t have to worry about the neighbors’ prying eyes.

Guest cottage bedroomGuest cottage bedroom

Nicole Slaughter Graham

There’s nothing worse than trekking through a pristine house sandy, salty, and sweaty from a day in the sun. Kimoni’s outdoor bathrooms are ideal for the locale.


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2. The views

The home is all about a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor lifestyles. On the main floor of the main house, the walls of the living room open up to the balcony. Deciphering where the living room ends and the balcony begins is nearly impossible.

Even though the property is large (nearly an acre) and trees provide privacy from one structure to the next, the Pavonis strategically placed all foliage so nothing would obstruct the water views.

Deck looking into the living area and kitchenDeck looking into the living area and kitchen

Nicole Slaughter Graham

3. Functional design

Kim’s design skills were clear the second I stepped onto the property. Designers sometimes compromise style for function, but not at Kimoni. Kim took me through the building known as Owl’s Nest first.

“We call it that because while we were building it, a family of owls decided to make their home here,” she says.

The two-story guest cottage is smaller than the main house (of course), and Kim made use of every nook and cranny.

Guest cottage living spaceGuest cottage living space

Nicole Slaughter Graham

“We lived on a sailboat for a year while we were building,” she says. “I learned a lot about making the best use of small spaces.”

The function of the compound can be found everywhere— not just Owl’s Nest. The second guest cottage, the in-law suite, the main home, and even the outdoor space are all about function.

There are hidden storage areas and sliding barn-style doors to make more use of the space, and the second guesthouse even features a Murphy bed in the living area (but you’d never know it).

The Owl's Nest, second floorThe Owl’s Nest, second floor

Nicole Slaughter Graham

4. The outdoor space

If you’re going to live in Florida, proper outdoor space is a must, and Kimoni delivers.

Traveler palms and tropical plants dot the back and front yards. In true Florida style, Kim had a putt-putt golf course put in, and there are several benches and trails throughout the yard so that guests can amble through and soak in the surroundings.

She also installed lights in every place imaginable, making it a great place to throw an outdoor party.


Nicole Slaughter Graham

The backyard? Absolute perfection.

I’m a Florida girl through and through—I love a pool. Kimoni doesn’t just have a lovable glistening pool; it also has deck space, a hammock overlooking the water, an outdoor kitchen, a dock, outdoor pizza oven, and other accoutrements.

5. The elegant-industrial combination

I’m a fan of minimalist, modern design in general. I love clean lines and open spaces.

Kim prefers to fuse elegance with industrial details, and it works. Take Owl’s Nest, for instance. The guest cottage is fashioned with sturdy, Brazilian ipe wood that’s been treated with a light finish. The furniture is clean and elegant, and on the second floor, a large window that faces the water is affixed with a garage door. That’s right, a glass and metal garage door. Best of all—the idea works.

The garage door is completely functional, swinging in an upward direction so that the large window can be fully open, allowing a cross breeze into the cozy space.

Dining areaDining area

Nicole Slaughter Graham

The same concept works well in the second guest cottage. Clean, minimalist furniture against white walls are juxtaposed against an exposed AC pipe and aluminum sliding closet doors.

These details echo throughout the main house as well. Chicago brick in the master bedroom meets sailing-inspired details.

It’s not a combination I’d have ever conjured up, but Kim makes it work.

Nicole Slaughter Graham tests out the hammockNicole Slaughter Graham tests out the hammock

Juliza Delgado


I loved my time at Kimoni, but no house is perfect. Here’s my sticking point…

So. Much. Wood.

Full disclosure—I went into this house thinking I’d completely hate the interior. The photos I saw showcased a cabinlike wood interior and I couldn’t figure out how that meshed with a waterfront property in Florida.

The home’s exterior is quintessentially Florida in style and structure, but I imagined walking into a jarring Sunshine State disconnect.


Nicole Slaughter Graham

I was half-right. The interior compiles a bit of international flair. Furniture and art from places like Thailand, Italy, and Hawaii are easy to spot throughout.

However, the Pavonis did bring a bit of a cabin vibe to Florida, which I personally don’t love.

The main house’s kitchen and living space fuse rustic style with an old-captain-seafaring aesthetic. There’s a lot of wood. I prefer a more industrial look, and the abundance of wood just isn’t for me.

Living room in main houseLiving room in main house

Nicole Slaughter Graham

The kitchen has an island bar with a natural-style countertop of maple wood. At the front of the bar is a Jack Daniels keg. The rest of the countertops are dark, Italian granite with exposed edges. A dark backsplash meets knotty, wood cabinets, and a glass rack hangs from the ceiling.

Pool with waterfront viewPool with waterfront view

Nicole Slaughter Graham

This kitchen flows into a living room of complementary style, with dark, leather couches and a stone fireplace, all of which give off a more rustic feel, rather than a beachy vibe. Will it work for someone? Absolutely! It just isn’t for me.

Aside from my one (minor!) quibble, Kimoni is a gem worthy of a second look. Just set me up in the hammock and I’m good!

For more photos and details, check out the full listing.

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