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7 Simple Ways to Feel Like You’re Sleeping in a Hotel Room

We all miss home after a long day, but have you considered how much more rejuvenating it would be to fall asleep in a luxurious, hotel-esque bed? Now it’s possible, so long as you pimp out your bedroom in the right way!

Let’s get to it…

1) Get the Right Mattress for You!

Without a doubt, the quality of your bed comes down to your choice of mattress. My preferred choice is a 3000 sprung mattress, but what’s best for you? Decide whether your comfiest sleep comes from a memory foam, cotton/polyester, or even wool mattress. Find out the pros and cons of each, and try to test them out in the store.

2) Become a Feng Shui Master!

You might think it’s silly, but even the placement of your bed can make a huge difference in the dreaminess of your bedroom. For example, putting the bed under a window or towards a door would be a bad idea. The negative energy, much like what you get from keeping an unmade bed all the time, will ruin your sleep.

3) Get Amazing Sheets!

You don’t sleep on the mattress, rights? So, why wouldn’t you think your choice of sheets would matter? Thread count does not matter here. Focus on the material. Pure cotton sateen and percale are both good options.

4) Get Comfy Comforters!

Your blankets matter just as much and you should choose a different set for both the summer and winter seasons. Thicker blankets are best in the winter, while thinner ones should be used in the summer months. For decor purposes, pure cashmere, cotton weave, and silk are all great options.

5) Get a Mattress Pad!

Mattress pads are available in many different materials, from bamboo to pure Egyptian cotton. Throw one on your mattress to improve your quality of sleep. Consider how your mattress currently feels, and how much padding you would need to make it even more comfortable.

6) Be Careful Buying Bedroom Furniture!

Don’t make the mistake of buying a low quality wooden bed frame with slats. Your best bet is a solid wood footboard and headboard, with a metal frame. Now, you can always choose the look of your bedroom furniture by considering how you want the room to look. What’s your taste? The footboard and headboard are what will catch your attention as soon as you enter your bedroom. Make sure you love these pieces, and that they fit the theme for the room.

7) Invest in Quality Pillows!

Your neck in pain will ruin even the comfiest mattress. Don’t make the mistake of causing long-term pain because of a poor choice of pillows for your bed. Flatter pillows are often better, but ergonomic ones are the best. You can even pick up temperature-regulating pillows that gives a natural response to body heat transfer. Either way, buy a variety of pillows so you can switch it up based on your preference for the night. After all, there’s no such thing as having too many pillows!

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