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A Guide To Buying Property on the Gold Coast of Australia

The Gold Coast is one of the most popular and fastest-growing cities in Australia, and pretty much in the world – and it’s for a good reason. This city has been a premium holiday destination for the last couple of years, and even for people looking to raise their families, it proved to be the best place for that, considering the infrastructure developments going on across the city. Even more interesting about this city is its property market which offers amazing opportunities to investors from all around the globe. Being one of Australia’s largest cities, the property market in the city has, in fact, reached a level of critical mass in terms of population and economy to deliver long-term stability for property investors. Moreover, with the rental yields remaining high, and anticipated positive population and infrastructure growth, and a shortage of quality property, the future certainly seems bright for property investors.

Before we tell you why you really need to consider investing in the Gold Coast, how about we tell you a little bit more about the Gold Coast, and where exactly in the city you need to buy a property. So, without further ado:

Where can you invest on the Gold Coast?

For starters, the Gold Coast is a city that runs from north to south, and its geography is dictated by the mountains to the west and the coast to the east. So, it’s quite a large city, but we have picked the favorite four spots that you should check out as a property investor. They are:

Beachside on the North – on this area, you will find some of the most popular beach suburbs in the city, including Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, the Coast CBD of Southport as well as Mermaid Beach. Both Surfers and Broadbeach boasts a mixture of high-density units, while the Mermaid beach has medium-density units plus other luxurious properties. When it comes to Southport, you will find that there are many traditional houses, and low-density property development in the surrounding areas, but that hasn’t deterred large concentration of high-density unit development, making this one of the top priority development areas in the city. Moreover, there are property developments taking place along the canals running inland from the beach, in areas such as Bundall as well as Mermaid, Broadbeach, and Clear Island Waters, all of which are popular tourist destinations and have extravagant nightlife.

Beachside – South – running all the way from Burleigh Heads to the QLD-NSW border in Coolangatta, this area is certainly worth checking out. There are high-density property developments within this area, even though they are detached and scattered all over the place, especially in the beachside suburbs of Tugun and Palm Beach. This actually makes a really attractive place to invest in. To make it even better, the region is also home to the Gold Coast International Airport, which is a critically important piece of infrastructure, which drives the increase in the number of visitors seen in the city.

Inland – North – stretching from Pimpama Coomera and Oxenford in the north, all the way to the Highland Park and Carrara to the south, this is the largest suburban area in the Gold Coast city. The property in this area varies from townhouses, new houses, and land packages in the newer suburbs to less modern but very diverse property styles in the established regions. In addition, there is the Gold Coast Hospital, a number of Theme Parks, and the Griffith University within the area, making it the perfect place to raise a family.

Inland – South – it is in this area where you will find the Rabina Town Center as well as the Bond University, which are like a people magnet, making the area one of the most populated suburbs in the city. You will find a mixture of detached houses, townhouses, and duplexes scattered throughout the region, with some medium-density properties around the center and the university. There are also larger properties and block sizes but they are mostly found in the surrounding suburbs like Hinterland. And with many businesses and companies established in the area, it presents many employment opportunities to locals. All these make this region super attractive to property investors.

Why buy property on the Gold Coast?

After telling you about the areas you should focus on when it comes to buying real estate on the Gold Coast of Australia, now we want to focus on the most important of all questions – why should you consider investing on the Gold Coast? Here are some of the topmost reasons:

Increasing property values – in the last couple of months, the Gold Coast has seen significant growth when it comes to property values. For instance, last year, house prices in the eastern suburbs increased by almost 3 percent, while in the Gold Coast hinterland it went up by around 7 percent, and that’s despite the pandemic. This shows the resilience of the market even at the most difficult of times, and many home buyers did take note of this as they flocked the market. First-time homebuyers increased by around 40 percent, which has also contributed to the increase in property values. At the beginning of 2021, some of the suburbs recorded double-digit growth, and a lot more is expected as we head into the future, across the city, if the trend continues. In fact, expect a 6 percent median price increase. All this means that if you decide to sell your house, the resale price will actually be quite high, than in other cities. And for the first-time buyers, they will be able to buy properties when the interest rates will be at their lowest, which has been made possible due to government assistance. So, when you combine the rising property values with low-interest rates, you will see why it present such an attractive buying opportunity for you.

Economic development – the Gold Coast has seen massive economic growth thanks to population growth and an improving infrastructure. This is the other reason why we think Gold Coast property has been super attractive to property investors. By 2018, available data shows that the city had an estimated 500,000 people living in it. Today, we are almost certain that this number has grown. This means that the Gold Coast is actually more populous than some of the capital cities in Australia. Also, the city’s economy is being bolstered by the commonwealth games and foreign investment that has actually increased in recent years as the city has continued to grow. There is infrastructure development everywhere throughout the city, which has created a lot of employment opportunities and has in turn, given the economy a boost. Now, when you consider this kind of economic growth and the future growth prospects, it’s certainly a very conducive environment for property investors. Rental yield is expected to go up, and it’s also conducive to raise a family.

The best place to raise your family – are you looking for a peaceful place with a community atmosphere to raise a family? If so, then you should know that the Gold Coast of Australia is in fact one of those places. You see, other than the community atmosphere, its closeness to nature makes it an ideal place to raise a family. In addition, there are high-end infrastructure facilities in the city, local amenities, and a commercial market, which all make it possible for people to live, work, and for children to play. And we haven’t mentioned all the renowned schools, theme parks, and hospitals in the city, which facilitates a better life and your kids. And guess what, near some of these schools, you will find very nice investing opportunities. Just imagine owning a home near a school, do you know what that would mean? Well, other than an array of educational opportunities for your children, it will also increase the property value, just in case you decide to sell the property in the future. There are many schools in the region, including A.B Paterson College, Emmanuel College, Marymount College, St Hilda’s school, Silkwood School, and many others. In the Gold Coast, just know that your child’s educational life is well catered for.

Spike in domestic tourism – when we talk of the pandemic, we know that it has really affected our day-to-day lives, and actually the entire world to almost a panic mode. But if there is anything positive we can get from it is the value of what we’ve had all along but never bothered to pay attention to. Here is the thing, domestic tourism was always ignored by many, but since the travel restrictions were put in place – practically locking people in their countries – it surged dramatically in Australia. And one of the most popular places Australians visited more than anywhere else in the world is the Gold Coast, and you can easily understand why. This ensured that the property market remained stable and vibrant throughout the pandemic period. This is to tell you that no matter what, this market will always withstand even the toughest of times, which is something property investors would like to hear.

So, is now a good time to invest on the Gold Coast?

Now, you have the place to invest and you also have the reasons for you to invest, here is the final question: when is the best time for you to buy real estate on the Gold Coast of Australia? Let’s start by saying that when it comes to buying a property, either for commercial purposes or a family home, it always comes down to one thing; that property is, and will always be an investment. That’s a fact, and will never change. And to most of us, it will likely be the first investment. So, it makes perfect sense to want to know when is the best time to get the most out of your investment. Now here is our opinion:

First, there is this argument that goes: any time is good to buy property, provided you ‘buy right’! Well, we believe it’s true, especially when it comes to the Gold Coast. As we mentioned earlier, property prices in this city keep rising, mostly due to the demand. So, the more you wait, the higher the price will be as time goes by. Now is the time!

Secondly, the location really matters when it comes to buying property. You may find a below-average property in a more affluent area going for much more than a much better property in a not-so-good surrounding. Do you know why? It’s because property investors buy into an area, instead of just buying a house. In other words, the investors critically consider the area they are buying the property, rather than just concentrating on how the property looks. The Gold Coast is one of the areas that would motivate a buyer to invest by just looking at the surrounding. And with that, with the right location, no need to wait any further.

Thirdly, even as you focus more on the location, don’t let your guard down when it comes to property itself. Make sure that the one you are looking for meets all your criteria and is exactly what you want! Finding such a home might not be easy, but if they do become available, make sure that you never waste time with anything else other than an immediate decision as well as commitment from both parties involved in making this purchase happen now!

Final thoughts

Investing in the Gold Coast is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass up. This region has been building momentum and, with Australia continuing their economic growth as well, it’s only going to get easier for people like you and me who make this place our home! The best advice we can give would be research – find your perfect investment property before prices go out-of-reach or someone snatches something away from under your nose because they were lucky enough (or stubborn) enough not wait until all others scramble at last light. So, what are you waiting for? Do your due diligence well and find a property buyers agent that can help people from all around the world find and buy homes on the Gold Coast of Australia!

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    Great article. The gold coast is a beautiful place.

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