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Buyer Guide: Why Brazil?

Property purchase offers far greater returns today than most stock market investments and never before has international property been as popular as a highly lucrative means to create wealth. Find out more here.

Worldwide property investors are now turning their attention to Brazil as it fast becomes a leader in the field of emerging markets. Returns on investment are considered to be excellent and investors are increasingly aware of the high growth potential that Brazil offers as a stable though fresh, new investment market.

Advantages of Brazil Investment

  • Property capital appreciation of 20% per annum in some locations.
  • Favourable currency exchange rates, making property transactions cheap for foreign investors.
  • President Lula’s progressive policies, bringing many improvements to Brazil, including a decrease in inflation to an all-time low at 5.7%.
  • Active encouragement and incentives for foreign investment – you can own 100% of land and property.
  • Cost of living often 20% of that in the UK/Europe and property maintenance costs extremely low.
  • Some of the lowest property prices in the world.
  • Increase of thriving manufacturing industries relocated to Brazil and boosting the economy.
  • Expected self sufficiency in oil reserves within the next year.
  • Some economists believe Brazil is amongst the leaders of the future, along with Russia, India and China.
  • Year-round sunshine, with average summer temperatures of 21°C.
  • Great natural beauty with fantastic scenery and 7,000km of beaches.
  • Friendly nature of the Brazilian people.
  • Vibrant cities with carnivals and music.
  • Low international risk of war, terrorism or SARS in Brazil.
  • Easy access via direct flights from many international airports.

Property purchase specifically as an investment vehicle is a popular option amongst those aiming to capitalise on the excellent growth potential of property in Brazil. This type of investment can consist of an off-plan purchase for sale prior to project completion. Alternatively, a buy-to-let situation can provide reliable rental income from the property, along with substantial capital appreciation.

According to independent investment experts, including many articles in international investment press, Brazil is now widely considered to be a highly profitable market. The economic climate and tourist infrastructure are currently undergoing major upheaval, while the country’s economic strategy has caused much growth in the past 3 years. While Brazil remains on a steady growth curve, investors are urged to catch this promising market from the very start, while prices remain low and high returns on investment are inevitable in current hotspot locations.

Brazil has excellent direct flight communications with the UK and the rest of Europe, making it a convenient holiday destination. This accessibility increases potential investment yields and reinforces the promising future of Brazil. A low cost of living, great quality of life, a fantastic climate, tropical beaches and a rich and vibrant culture are all valuable contributing factors to Brazil’s success.

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