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Buying Property Abroad: How About A Tiny House on the Wheels?

Ever thought of buying a house abroad but just couldn’t afford it? Well now you can buy mobile homes instead. We look at those tiny houses on the wheels as oppose to the general bricks and mortar scenario when considering buying a property abroad.

Have you ever thought of owning a property outside your country? If you have, one thing that you’re most probably worried about is if you could afford it or not. After all, the price of properties is seemingly reaching new heights year after year and this makes it very difficult for someone to achieve the dream of owning a home anywhere.

Fortunately, such is not the case with buying mobile homes. This type of home is very much recommended especially if what you want is a home that could serve both as a holiday home and as something where you could permanently dwell. Buying mobile homes abroad is an even cheaper alternative to owning your own home somewhere else aside from where you are. Hence, it’s basically being able to get quality homes for less.

In the days of old, a mobile home used be classified as a caravan. These days, it’s seen as something more than that. Nowadays it is considered a residence. First time home buyers who cannot afford a traditional home overseas may opt to buy a mobile home if what they want is a quality property that a fraction of the traditional bricks and mortar would cost.

Aside from the fact that buying mobile homes abroad is usually cheaper, it has other advantages, especially as opposed to buying traditional counterparts like villas and apartments. Below are just a few of the advantages:

  • It can be as stylish as you want it to be. Just because it’s a mobile home does not mean that it can’t be as classy and as beautiful as any other bricks-and-mortar home. First of all, you can purchase a mobile home with one or two storeys. Then, you can have it custom-made complete with cathedral ceilings, fireplaces and immaculate kitchens.
  • Location won’t be a problem. As suggested by the word “mobile,” you can choose from the many different coastal and countryside locations wherein you can station your mobile home. You have the freedom to choose the area that could suit your requirements.
  • It is convenient and portable. You can move your home from one site to another. You can just move anytime without too much hassle.
  • You can earn extra money from it. Another good thing about a mobile home is that it is “rentable.” You can charge a certain fee for other people to use it when you’re not resident.
  • You can bring it home with you. If, in case you decide that you do not wish to live abroad anymore and you want to go back to your homeland, you can just take the mobile home with you.
  • It boasts a built-in temperature-controlled environment. Mobile homes are of a higher calibre than traditional homes because there is very little chance that they will be exposed to dampness and moisture. Weather won’t affect the building process, nor will it damage them. This will save your pocket from spending for expensive repairs.
  • You can choose the features you like. There is an array of styles and designs to choose from as you decide on the look and model of your mobile home. In fact, you can get an entire set of appliances to be shipped along with your home if you wish.
  • The construction is definitely faster and less expensive. Let’s take the case of a traditional home. If you would ever think of changing or adding something to the design of that home, the budget allowance would be high since you may require an architect, new floor plans, and permits. On the other hand, construction of a mobile home is three times faster and it won’t cost you that much.

However, while there may be advantages, there are also disadvantages of buying a mobile home abroad:

  • For one, if you own the land on which you plan to place your manufactured home on a foundation, it will be treated like a site-built home. Therefore, you can take advantage of all the tax benefits and appreciation. However, if you were to place it on a mobile home park where you simply rent the lot, you will not get all the tax benefits meant for real estates and the value of your home depreciates as time passes.
  • Secondly and based on recent statistics, more than a third of mobile home buyers report plumbing and electrical problems. Even though, these are also the same problems encountered by traditional home owners.

Given all these options, buying a mobile home abroad may be quite a challenge. However, it’s a challenge that can be fulfilling, especially if you choose the best mobile home that could address your needs. While brand new mobile homes are the better option, don’t think that you can’t jazz up a second hand or pre-used mobile homes. Just add a dash of your creativity and taste and you’re all set to driving into the sunset with your unique mobile home.

If you would like to learn more about contemporary mobile-friendly tiny houses, we recommend you check out this awesome Youtube Channel: Living Big In A Tiny House

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