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Brazil Property FAQs

Doubts and question marks often arise when considering an overseas property purchase. Below you will find simple answers to some of your initial questions.

Can foreign nationals own property in Brazil?

Yes, foreign individuals or foreign-owned companies can purchase property in Brazil under the same conditions applied to Brazilian nationals or companies. However, for the purchase of property located near the coast or national frontiers, special conditions may apply to foreigners or to foreign-owned companies.

Why should I choose Brazil?

Brazil offers stunning natural features and a fascinating culture that never fails to attract visitors. The conditions for investment property in Brazil has never been better: Brazil’s economy is reassuringly stable and the country now boasts unlimited investment possibilities for those who buy property in Brazil now, while prices remain low. Increased investment in tourism sector will ensure that your property purchase is a profitable one in the future.

What is the economic and political situation?

In the year of his election in 2003, President Lula made some valuable reforms and has drastically decreased inflation to a current all-time low of around 5.7%. Banks are beginning to cut their lending rates, making real estate activity an achievable aim many investors. Economic expansion has further boosted the prospects of Brazil as a safe and thriving economy.

Politically, after decades of dictatorship and military control, Brazil was ruled by its first directly elected president in 1992. However, the then president was corrupt and was forced to resign during the same year. Under the new economic programmes put into place by the current president, Brazil’s economy is beginning to boom to unprecedented levels.

How do I travel to Brazil?

Air travel to Brazil is well developed from most European airports, while direct flights are currently available from Lisbon, Portugal.

International airports in Brazil are; Rio de Janeiro Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim, Brasilia and Sao Paulo Guarulhos.
Brazil’s national airlines are TAM (KK), Varig (RG) and VASP (VP). Other airlines serving Brazil include; Aerolineas Argentinas, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Iberia, Japan Airlines, KLM, LAN-Chile, Lufthansa, Pluna, South African Airways, SAS, SWISS, TAP Air Portugal and United Airlines.
 British Airways and Varig offer direct flights to Brazil.

What is the direct flying time from UK to Brazil?

Approximately 10 hours
(Approximately 7 hours from Lisbon)

Is a visa required to enter Brazil?

Foreigners are allowed 3 month visas, or a maximum stay of 180 days per year. If you wish to apply for a permanent visa, one of the following conditions must be me:

  • You are married to a Brazilian.
  • You have a child with a Brazilian.
  • You invest 250.000 US Dollars or Euros in Brazil.
  • You have reached the age of retirement (50 years) with a pension.

There are various other visas required if you are to work in Brazil. You will need to apply to your nearest Embassy.