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The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in Malta

Located in the south of the Mediterranean, Malta offers a winning combination of beautiful scenery, island life, a thriving business environment, and of course, great real estate investment opportunities. As the Maltese economy continues to grow and the country cements itself as an international digital innovation hub, investing in its property market becomes a wise decision. Property investors are flocking the main cities in the country, such as Valletta, St Julian’s as well as Sliema to snap up property in recent times. Now, to help you understand why the country is becoming such a coveted destination to many investors, and why you should perhaps consider it as well, let’s first take a look at what attracts them to the country in the first place. Here are some of the benefits of considering real estate for sale in Malta.

Property accessibility – whether you are looking to rent or to buy, the Maltese real estate market presents you with a vast range of properties to choose from, based on your specific requirements and budgets. The price of the property depends on the kind of property you desire and the location where you are looking for. Your real estate agent should provide you with listings from which you are able to compare the prices and also understand the price per square meter per location formula better.

Climate and food – the country has an amazing Mediterranean summer, which is quite hot and dry – in its typical fashion – followed by mild autumn that is largely dry and a short and cool winter. This kind of climate is very attractive to property investors, especially those accustomed to living in wet and sub-zero climates. What’s more, most property investors fall in love with the country due to its beautiful beaches, which are always close, not to mention the extra-ordinary entertainment joints and a gastronomic culture all reflected in some of the best restaurants offering a wide variety of delicacies.

A sound property market – the Maltese property market is traditionally known to be among the strongest in Europe, to the point where even during the financial crisis, it was barely impacted. This strength is attributed to the country’s super strong and cautious banking principles together with the tendency of property investors, both local and international, to buy property for sale in Malta. This is the key reason why the market didn’t suffer then and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s also a clear indication that it is unlikely to do so in the future. This aspect alone attracts so many foreign investors to the country.    

A paradise for art lovers – are you an art lover? Are you one of those people who would pay any reasonable amount of money for good art? If so, then you may want to consider relocating to Malta, and Valletta in particular. The city is the centre of Maltese art, with some of the most popular exhibitions in history. Also, there are several museums with regular exhibitions, plus craft, cultural, and artistic events often. This increases the demand for property in the city. By buying a property in the city, you will be right in the centre of all this amazingness. You will be living your dream right from the start.

The best retirement benefits scheme in all of Europe – Malta offers the perfect place for retirees, no matter their age, especially considering its breath-taking landscape and medical services. Due to the influx of retirees choosing to retire on the Island, the government saw it fit to launch a retirement program that meets the specific needs of many EU or Swiss nationals, especially the ones whose annuity is significantly generated from retirement schemes, pensions, and temporary or lifetime allowances. So, if you are looking for a serene and quiet environment to enjoy your retirement in, there are properties for sale all over the island just for you, and they are all affordably priced.

Investors are able to get a Maltese passport after buying the property – this is one of the factors that have attracted many investors into the country. An investor is able to obtain citizenship by making a real estate investment. The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program was introduced by the government to attract as many property investors to the island, knowing very well it will boost the economy. Now, this program is one of the best in Europe primarily due to the benefits it offers to investors as well as a short timeframe within which you are able to acquire a passport.

Open door to the EU – being a member of the EU, buying a property in Malta under the citizenship by investment program means that you will be entitled to live and work anywhere in Europe. Also, since the country lies within the Schengen zone, you won’t be required to obtain a visa or a passport when you travel to other Schengen zone countries in the EU.

Stable and secure country – with one of the highest GDPs and the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, Malta is for sure one of the best places you can invest in Europe. Also, the crime rate on the island is pretty low and that means you will be able to live a stress-free life without having to watch your back every single minute. This is one aspect that everyone who buys property anywhere in the world shall take into consideration before making that investment.

Tax efficiency – one thing that you should note here is that the Maltese tax system is based upon residency, not citizenship. What this means is that foreign property investors don’t need to pay any additional taxes just because they are not citizens yet. As a matter of fact, new citizens are offered some tax relief which is even much better.

These are some of the key benefits known to have attracted so many property investments in Malta and are also poised to attract even more investors as we head into the future. If you are looking for property investment in Europe, it is time to consider Malta and be one of them!