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Virtual Offices: The New Normal in Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands – is most certainly one of the most incredible places to start a new business, or better yet, initiate a new business venture, since it offers numerous business incentives. However, property and land in this city have become increasingly expensive, which makes it almost impossible for small business owners to rent a physical office in this place. For this reason, having a virtual office is now the best and the most cost-effective way for businesses to operate in this prestigious place. It is one of the best ways to have a business address, and basically everything else that comes with a normal office, without actually renting a physical office. Other than the fact that you will be able to save a lot of cash, having a virtual office will also save you a lot of issues/challenges that come with having a physical office. In fact, as a result of these and several other benefits, there has been a massive shift from physical offices to virtual offices in the Netherlands.

Expensive to rent physical offices

For the last couple of years, Amsterdam has seen a massive rise in property prices, and not just offices, but residential property as well, more than any other city in the world. This increase has been a result of the growing demand for property, both from investors and tenants. Now, as a result, many entrepreneurs can’t afford the office spaces available, and for that reason, they have opted for shared office spaces or virtual offices, and is also, of course, because it’s way cheaper to have such a space. This trend has, in fact, been on the rise in recent months, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Did COVID-19 contribute to this shift?

Let’s start by saying that the COVID-19 pandemic not only changed how we work, but also the way in which we organise our office spaces. For the longest time, many businesses were stuck with the traditional idea of office space; having a physical office with employees commuting daily from home to the office, to sit at a desk performing assigned tasks on their work computers (please take note that this is everything one can do at home). But after we came face to face with the health hazard, there were restrictions everywhere, and everyone was required to remain at home. Now, the companies had to adapt and allow their employees to work from home. Initially, it was super-hectic, but as time went by, it actually got better. Now, this is when virtual offices became super popular and that’s how they used to hold meetings. This made so many people realise that it is actually possible to run a business, virtually. And the fact that you will be spending just a fraction of the possible rent of an actual office, it makes so much sense even to the entrepreneurs. Just picture this, you have a business address to one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, where you can receive all the business mails, and direct all administrative matters with regards to your business to the office manager, even hold conferences with your business associates all over the world, without having to pay extravagant rent – How cool is that!

What services can you expect in a virtual office contract?

Several different services are available at virtual offices, including digital scanning services and business phone lines. The receptionists at virtual offices sign for mail and forward it to the business’ home. Clients may be able to use co-working lounge passes and meeting room rentals. The receptionists can also greet guests and help set up a meeting room. They can even handle mailing. In short, virtual offices allow entrepreneurs to take their business on the go, without the hassle of managing an office.

Benefits of having a virtual office in Amsterdam

As advances in technology continue to streamline lives all over the world, many business owners are turning to virtual offices as a way to maximise profits and simplify their daily lives. Whether it’s a virtual office or a co-working space, these services have become an increasingly popular way to operate a business. Here are some of the benefits of virtual offices:

  • A virtual office can help entrepreneurs enhance credibility. A business address has a prestigious stamp that increases the confidence of prospective customers. With a physical address, a company appears more professional and credible. People will trust you more when they visit your business.
  • It can also be useful for sole traders or freelancers who are working from home and need a professional address for business registration.
  • Additionally, a virtual office can keep their home address off public records, making them less likely to be spammed.
  • A business that sells online may also need a physical address to receive supplies and send packages.
  • Another benefit to virtual offices is that they can act as a full-time administrative staff for you. Virtual offices will handle phone answering, mail forwarding, and even meeting room scheduling. These services will free up your time and office resources, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business. 
  • One of the most popular benefits of virtual offices is the ability to reduce stress. Compared to onsite employees, remote workers experience 29% less stress. Additionally, working from home means less stress and a smoother transition into family life.

Who are virtual offices for?

Small businesses, remote workers, and freelancers will all benefit from virtual offices. Likewise, smaller companies can benefit from virtual offices because they don’t have to worry about the costs of office space, technology, and other overhead costs. Many small businesses will benefit from the flexibility of having a virtual office because it cuts down on commute time and expenses while still maintaining the image and culture of the business. Depending on the location, a virtual office can be a great option for small businesses and startups on a budget.