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The Property Market in Romania

A country of 22 million people, this vast region in the Balkans offers an exceptional variety of attractions from Black Sea resorts, castles and fortresses, medieval towns, the world-renowned Carpathian Mountains, and numerous World Heritage sites. It is an emerging market with many
attributes, and a budding economy that is finding its footing following difficult economic times that ensued following the 2007 global crisis, just one year after its ascension as a EU member in 2006.

Bucharest is the most significant housing market in Romania where well over 30% of residential activity occurs. Following ascension to the EU in 2006 prices grew exponentially and at peak period (2008) were averaging €2.300/m² today they hover around €1.000/m². During the first half of 2015 home prices in the city center grew modestly with an increase year on year of 3%, while home prices in the peripheral areas remain under pressure (-4,0%).

The Romanian government has taken certain measures to stimulate this economic sector including a series of incentives to foster home ownership among young people.

Many real estate opportunities exist today with prices at their most attractive and affordable levels. With an improving economy it’s time to consider investing in Romania and benefit from a significant opportunity for future growth.