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Does Smart Home Tech Increase Your Property’s Value?

Did you know that other than making your home more convenient and efficient, smart home technology boosts your home value and makes it much more attractive to potential buyers? It sure does, and that is part of the reason why the technology is being adopted in the real estate sector on a massive scale. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the latest and greatest smart home upgrades that potential buyers are looking for in a home, which will, in turn, drive the home’s value up.

Smart lighting – installing a smart lighting system in your home should be the first thing you consider when upgrading your home for sale. The lighting system comes with a number of benefits including cutting energy use by almost 75%, which is something many homebuyers these days are looking for. Also, a smart lighting system will completely transform your home, where with just a tap of a button or voice command, you will be able to change the mood and ambiance of the entire home. For instance, a homekit light switch will allow you to control the lighting in your home through Siri or the Home App, and can also work together with other smart home accessories such as homekit door locks such that when you unlock your doors, the lights automatically turn on. The other benefit of a smart home lighting system is that there is a huge variety of colour, brightness, and temperature to choose from, meaning that you will be able to create a perfect atmosphere. Lastly, smart lighting also plays a role in your home’s security, as you can set the system to mimic your presence even when you are not at home by switching the lights on and off at specific times. So, with a system that’s able to provide all these benefits, why wouldn’t potential buyers scramble for your house?

Home security – it is fair to say that this is the most critical home tech addition in any home and one that will make your home much more valuable to potential buyers. A smart home security system includes things like smart locks and doorbells, alarm systems, cameras, and motion sensors. With these systems installed, they will make your home much more secure, as you will be able to keep it monitored day and night, even when you are not at home. Also, many of these systems are linked to law enforcement, meaning that any forced entry will be picked up by local authorities, who will then act swiftly to capture the perpetrators.

Voice command tech – as you know, we are literary in the era of virtual assistants, and so many modern homes now have them. But do they really increase the value of a home? Well, probably not, at least not by themselves. The reason is, virtual assistants rarely transfer from seller to buyer, as each individual comes with their own assistants, but the thing is, potential buyers tend to be impressed by a home with an operational virtual assistant, especially when you show them the property. This is why we have included them on our list. So, even if you are planning to take the assistant with you after you sell the property, the fact that the buyer saw them when showing the property will certainly build a favourable impression, and that means it will have a positive impact on the home’s value.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors – this is a very crucial addition to any home, especially considering that it not only saves money, but it also saves lives. Fire accidents are quite common and when they occur, and you happen to not have a smoke detector in place, or have it turned off, the chances of fatalities are significantly high – according to a CBS report. So, for those who have the alarms, yes, they can frustrating and annoying when they keep going off for minor smoke incidences in the kitchen, but the truth is, they are very crucial and should always be left on because you never know, they may save a life one day. Anyway, having fire or carbon monoxide detectors installed is actually a necessity in every home today. Now, having smart detectors installed – instead of the regular ones – will go a notch higher in not only securing your family against a fire eventuality, but also increasing your home value. Whenever there is a fire or carbon monoxide in your home, the smart detectors would be able to alert you through your phone, even when you are not at home. Potential buyers would definitely prefer a home with such a system and would pay any amount to own it.

Smart thermostats – thermostats have been around for decades – since the 1950s to be precise. But one thing we can tell you for sure is that these thermostats have nothing on the latest smart thermostats. The earlier thermostats, especially the standard clock-type thermostats are a bit confusing, and can actually be challenging to use sometimes, and you must program them manually. But the newer, smart thermostats are very different, as they program themselves and are able to adjust your home temperatures accordingly. This is something that tends to impress modern home buyers, given that nobody wants to keep making trips to where the thermostat is just to adjust the temperature within the home. So, they certainly increase the home’s value.

Smart solar panels – who wouldn’t want to power their homes in a smart, clean, green, and renewable way? This is what smart solar panels offer to your home. You can connect the panels to a device that would work as an energy monitoring and management system, which will enable you to get the best out of the solar panels, and in turn, use the power generated in a more efficient manner. Without a doubt, solar panels, let alone smart solar panels, can certainly boost a home’s value.

Damp sensors – these are other smart devices that you need to consider, especially considering the damage moisture and mould could do to your home. Normally, the damage is not well known, but when you need to repair something, that’s when you will realise the full damage, and needless to say, the repair costs will be can be very high. But with moisture sensors, you will be able to get an alert as soon as something changes and needs attention, which means that you will be able to solve major problems before they even start. This fact alone will definitely drive the value of the up. After all, who want to pay significant amounts as repair costs for something that could have been prevented in the first place?

Final thought

Even though the return on investment with each of these upgrades may vary, you can be sure that every upgrade is a plus to your home, and will for sure be appealing to potential buyers. Even if you are not looking to sell, you can also enjoy everything that the smart home tech offers. So, get in touch with an expert today, and make your home comfy and most importantly, valuable.

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