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Home Extension Ideas

There are lots of different reasons why a property owner might consider investing in a home extension. They might be planning to start or extend their family, for example, and need additional space in which to grow and prosper. Alternatively, they could just like the idea of adding so much extra value to their home – if designed and constructed carefully, a home extension can make a huge difference to the market value of a property.

This handy guide to the most common types of home extension will help you to work out which renovation project offers the most value for your property.


The contemporary conservatory truly has an endless number of uses – the possibilities really are endless if you have the right amount of imagination. Whilst it is true that most conservatories are used as extensions on a property (families dine in this space, use it a guest bedroom, or store household possessions inside), there is nothing stopping you from transforming the space into a fully functional study, reading room, or even a greenhouse. If you are keen to make sure that your conservatory feels like a natural part of the property, do take care to design it with the general vibe, shape, and atmosphere of the home in mind

Loft Conversions

There are a lot of homeowners who would not necessarily see a loft conversion as a home extension project, but there is no reason not to consider it one, particularly in light of the financial investment, time, and effort needed to pull it off successfully. The good news is that most loft conversions end up being simpler builds than out and out extensions (like conservatories and single story extensions). Whilst you may need to make some big changes, the reality is that you already have the shell on which to start building when it comes to loft conversion projects.

Single Story Builds

Yet, the conservatory as well as the loft conversion is not the only choice on offer. You could decide to invest in a single story home extension instead. This has a lot in common with a standard conservatory, but most single story projects do not let in quite as much natural light. They tend to contain less glass and feel more like a fundamental part of the main property – this is a great option if you are severely limited for space and want to extend your home without having to move out. For families who can see themselves growing quickly in the future, a single story build can be a valuable (and lucrative) option.

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