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It is everyone’s wish to have a roof over their head as it is a basic need. However, sometimes things happen and you might find yourself at the brink of house repossession. Sometimes, the issue might get out of hand to the extent of your lender starting legal action against you. This article gives you some clues on how to stop house repossession no matter the circumstances.

  1. Try talking to your lender

Every lender must follow protocols, especially when it comes to critical issues such as house repossession. For any reasonable person, taking the matter to court is always the last option. In that case, you can try talking to your lender/owner about your arrears and how you intend to pay them. This will buy you some time and give you some peace of mind in the process.

  1. Make an effort paying the arrears

You can also stop house repossession by paying a small amount of your arrears. This will not only contribute to eventual clearing of the same but also help you establish a working relationship with your lender. The house owner will trust and rely on you more.

  1. If possible, ask your lender to revisit the terms of your mortgage

As aforementioned, you can always talk with your lender before the matter spills out of hand. You can ask your lender to give you an extended time to pay up the arrears, change your type of mortgage, reduce the monthly payments or anything that will help you keep your house. Remember, if you think that you are going to get into arrears, you can always talk with your lender beforehand.

  1. Check for benefits that you can claim

When dialogue cannot prevent you from losing your house, consider claiming your benefits in order to clear the arrears. These benefits may include tax credits, retirement benefits or insurance covers. From these benefits, you can get some money that will help you reduce your arrears and buy you more time. For example, depending on the type of insurance cover that you have, you can benefit from mortgage protection insurance, which could help you clear the arrears.  

  1. Consider renting/selling your house

Before repossession, you can always rent out the house and mint some money out of it. You can then use the cash collected to clear your arrears and avoid eventual house repossession. You can rent the house to a lodger, tenant or sell it to a willing buyer offering a good deal.

Some people resort to voluntary repossession. This means that you willingly surrender the keys to your house back to the lender. While it looks like a good plan on paper, the problem with this move is you will still make your mortgage payments as expected, clear the arrears and you will still pay taxes. You will also be responsible for all the costs that your lender will incur when selling the property. In that case, it is always advisable to avoid house repossession at all costs.


It is normal that sometimes you can find yourself on the brink of losing your house. This can be attributed to many issues and situations that are in the current world. However, if you find yourself in that situation, you can stop house repossession by using the ideas shared above. They include talking to your lender, claiming your benefits or renting out a portion of your house. The idea is not to allow your lender to repossess your house as you will still lose a lot of money.  

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