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How To Decorate My First Home?

Are you moving out of your parents’ house or college dorm and into your very first home? Well, good for you! The move is certainly a liberating milestone. However, it can also be overwhelming, and it is very easy to neglect things such as buying furniture or room decoration, given that you probably only think of the money for paying the deposit, bills, or agency fees. As a matter of fact, the thought of decorating a home can be intimidating, and it is totally understandable why most people tend to overlook it. Between selecting the best paint, the best piece of furniture that will fit the room colour, and also how you are going to decorate the interiors, there is a lot that you need to consider. And so, you need to have a concrete plan. Whether you are beginning from scratch, or you already have a plan in mind, let this article be your go-to for home decoration ideas.

Come up with a plan well in advance of moving in – being your first home, the very first thing you need to do is to start planning and budgeting for everything you want in your new home. This is how you are going to ensure that the move progresses smoothly and efficiently. Write down everything you are going to require – what you need to buy, and what you already have. Essentially, doing this will at least give you an idea of the amount of money you will need altogether. You will also be able to prioritize appropriately, which will help know where to allocate money first, and where to hold off for a while.  

Paint makes all the difference – when moving into a new home, you should know that there is nothing that would transform and personalise the new space more than adding a fresh coat of paint. If the room has some good shades, there won’t be any need to spend money to jazz it up with decorative bits and bobs. Now, when it comes to painting, your options are limitless, which means that you ought to take some time to think about the kind of vibe you want in each room. Are you a warm-neutral color person or you lean more towards something bright and bold like a sunny yellow? Or are you looking to take it a notch higher with darker colors? Whichever color you choose, just make sure that it will match your overall style as reflected by your choice of furniture and curtains for that look and feel.

Invest in good furniture – if you are starting from scratch with your move, your choice of furniture is extremely crucial. When talking about furniture here, we are referring to things like a bed and sofas. Of course, you would want your first night in your new place to be special, relaxing, and comfortable, and you will also want to have a good night’s sleep, right? Well, then your choice of bed and mattress should matter a lot to you! Measure your new bedroom to see if your desired bed will fit well, and if not, you might need to compromise a little. All in all, ensure that you get something comfortable. Moreover, your choice for a sofa should equally be as important, especially given the fact that it will be the anchor of your living room, and it will also be your perfect spot for napping, getting some work done and also for having occasional TV dinner. With that in mind, ensure that you select a high-quality couch with the perfect size, scale, and configuration to suit your room. The same goes for all the pieces of furniture you will need in your new home.

Add texture with rugs – it’s just amazing how much rugs can change the décor in your living space. They add texture and personality to your living space, making it feel cozy, warm, and inviting. The good thing about rugs is that they are relatively inexpensive, and regardless of their size, material and type, expect them to instantly change the ambiance in the room. You will no longer have to put up with the ever-cold hard flooring in your new home!

Add character with inexpensive art – it might take you a while before you figure out how exactly you want to decorate your walls in your new space. But this doesn’t mean that your wall should remain bare! Now, of course, we won’t advocate that you buy cheap art that you don’t even like just so that you can fill up your empty wall. Be creative. For example, how about getting a custom house portrait? You see, there is nothing that’s as cool as the portrait of your new home or a previous one that you treasured, on your wall. It can be the best way to evoke old memories and can also help create new ones, while at the same time adding an artistic flair to your wall. Also, the house portrait would help remind you of your roots, while staying true to your individual style. You can easily acquire them, as they are cheap to get and can also be a gift from your realtor. Other than these portraits, you can also consider pictures of yourself, some posters, or some string art that you can create by yourself.  

Don’t forget about the little details – after all the big furniture pieces are in their rightful spaces, now it’s time to focus on the tiny details that will make the house feel like a home. Whether it’s arranging flower vases, arranging your books on shelves, placing pictures and other personal items in the right places, these little details are very crucial and will certainly make your new space feel more personal.

Final thought

Moving to a new home is stressful – especially if you are moving for the first time. If you sincerely feel that you can’t do everything by yourself, there is always the option of asking for help. You can hire a professional to help you with the home decor. After all, a professional interior designer will not only help you define your style, he/she can also source custom-designed pieces which is within your budget, not accessible to everyone else, and is truly special to your home. 

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