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How To Get Real Estate Leads That Convert?

Remember the phrase “quality over quantity?” Well, we may be wrong, but it’s very possible that the person who coined this phrase might have been thinking about real estate lead generation since that’s all it is – but of course, we know there are a few other instances where quality is super important. Anyway, to answer this, as a real estate agent, have you ever found yourself with a bunch of leads, and after working super hard with them none converted? If yes, you probably thought to yourself, what a waste of time, right? We get it! Now, we are guessing you never want to go through that again, and that’s why you are here.

Fortunately for you, we have done extensive research on this matter and we have put together several tips on how to ensure that you get high-quality leads that have a high likelihood of converting. Some are easy to implement while others might take a little bit of time and work, but ultimately, if properly implemented, they will certainly boost your lead generation strategies. Before we get to the tips:

Where can you get the real estate leads?

Social media – everybody is on social media. Now, as a real estate agent, you can use these platforms to share eye-catching pictures of homes that would drive home enthusiasts to browse through them and even share them with others. This way, you will get people who are interested in what you are offering. A lot of them will message you directly, while others might leave comments in the comment section. Interact with these people, answer all their questions, and then work on converting them into clients.

Real estate lead generation companies – if you don’t have the time to do all the work, you can hire one of the professional real estate lead generation companies to do it for you. These are companies that specialise in lead generation and might be your best bet in ensuring that you bag some high-quality leads for your business. The good thing about outsourcing lead generation services is the fact that the company filters all the leads and only forwards those leads that have a high probability of converting.

Referrals – in all honesty, referrals are considered to be gold in real estate. We all know that cold calling can sometimes be annoying and might even not lead you anywhere, but a referral gives you a high-quality prospect, without a hassle. So, make it a habit to ask each client for referrals.

Through network – as a seasoned real estate agent, you got to have networks. Whether it is the neighbours you talk to, engage in local charities, send networking emails, or talk to people you already know like friends and family, feel free to ask them if they know anyone looking for a home. This way, you might get a few leads.

How to ensure that the leads convert?

Showcase your knowledge of the neighbourhood – with the advent of technology, customers have sharpened their appetites for all kinds of information, including real estate. Let’s be honest, the buyers and sellers of today are very educated, and can no longer be duped into unwanted transactions. In addition, the web has increased their expectations, as most of them search for property information on their own, and no longer rely on printouts handed to them by their agents.

So, as an agent looking to create a lasting client relationship, you need to provide local, relevant, and accurate information about the market. Let the clients know about neighbourhood by informing them of things like security of the area, availability of schools, property prices, and resident demographic information. Doing this demonstrates your seriousness and expertise within your profession, and you also position yourself as a neighbourhood expert, which makes the clients trust you, and will eventually want to do business with you.

Timing – if a lead gets interested in your business and reaches out, the least you can do is to respond back, but the most crucial thing is to ensure that your response is quick enough. Many clients usually expect their agents to respond within an hour, and if you are to wait for too long before responding, they will of course move to the next agent. Basically, it pays to respond to prospective clients immediately as it shows your dedication to the business and makes the individual feels valued. It may seem like nothing, but responding to messages, mostly on social media, with regards to your business can turn a prospective buyer/seller into a loyalist. So, you need to come up with a strategy on how to offer responses, and quickly so, to your real estate leads.

Incorporate a unique value proposition – in the real estate industry, creating a unique impression is crucial, but what’s even more important is making the prospects feel unique and special. It is common to find that after a brief introduction on everything being offered, top property agents shift their focus to making the prospects feel special, and like they are at the centre of the universe. And that’s how you find many of their leads converting. So, if you want your leads to convert, you got to do the same. In addition, you need to personalise presentations and materials as much as you can. Let the lead feel unique and like you are focusing all the attention on him/her. This way, quite a good number of the leads will buy.

Make it mobile – a ‘mobile office’ is a must-have for all real estate agents, considering that they need to manage phone calls, access listing data, and making presentations, without being tethered to an office desk somewhere. As we mentioned earlier, with social media being the biggest source of estate leads, you need to be in a position to respond quickly to requests from the leads, and a ‘mobile office’ will allow you to do just that. In addition, you will always be updated on anything going on within your neighbourhood, and industry at large as you are always out there.

Final words

We can all agree that there are many lead generation strategies out there, some of them tried and true, while others are still untapped. Dealing with all these strategies can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. As a matter of fact, plan to find the right mix of outreach strategies that would work for you and focus on them. It can be tricky to get a real estate business off the ground, but by being consistent and sticking with your best strategies, you’ll start seeing some positive results.

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