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Investing in Your Holiday Home Abroad

To many, owning a holiday home abroad is nothing more than a dream; a luxury which is the prerogative of the rich and famous or of bank robbers. It’s hardly for the likes of ordinary folk like you and me, is it?

Not so! If you investigate the possibilities of joining well over 250,000 other Britons and buying your own holiday home abroad, you could be very pleasantly surprised at how affordable it actually can be, and with property prices currently low but set to rise in many resorts overseas it could represent a real opportunity and provide you with a very high return on your investment.

With expert advice to help you secure exactly the right property, it’s really not difficult to buy a home overseas, be it for holidays, retirement or investment. There are some very attractive deals on offer. With some, you may only have to pay as little as 15% deposit, with nothing else to pay for three years and with 85% mortgages available, together with free packages for furniture of the highest quality! If you choose your advisers carefully, those people in the know will guide you every step of the way and ensure that the entire experience is stress-free and enjoyable.

Just imagine the sheer joy of having 300 days of sunshine a year virtually guaranteed; balmy temperatures, no grey skies and an umbrella as rare as hens’ teeth. Think how it would be to enjoy fabulous views of beautiful mountains and clear blue skies from the balcony of your luxury furnished apartment, ski chalet, villa or penthouse, and to be within just a few minutes walk of a pristine, white sandy beach or a superb golf course with all the amenities.

So what would be your fancy? A townhouse on the coast of Spain with its amazing beaches and intriguing culture? Or for a relaxed and informal lifestyle with great food, exciting nightlife, magnificent scenery and almost constant sunshine, you’d have to go a long way to beat a property in Crete. There again, have you considered Egypt, another very attractive option for investors? Definitely a country of the future, its wealth has traditionally come from oil, but this may well change as many predict that tourism will forge into the lead.

How about an apartment in South America’s largest country, Brazil? Home to more than 180 million people, this economically developing country with a very low cost of living is becoming increasingly popular with investors and would appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure and a love of excitement, be it a trek through the wild rainforests, a visit to the lively cities or partying at the famous Rio de Janeiro carnival.

Those with a fascination for history could not fail to be smitten by beautiful Bulgaria, with its immaculate beaches, sparkling clear lakes and rivers, magnificent mountains, gorges and natural hot water springs. It’s an enthralling country, rich in ancient monasteries, churches and mosques and with folklore traditions dating back more than thirteen centuries. Furthermore, as an investor, Bulgaria will offer you real value for money.

If your yen is for a superb climate, colourful culture and friendly people, you’d find Turkey hard to beat. With miles and miles of dramatic coastline, beautiful seas and pine-clad mountains, it’s little wonder that it’s become so incredibly popular with tourists, and with its current property boom, there’s never been a better time to invest in a Turkish holiday home.

A holiday home in the former British colony of Malaysia could well prove to be a lucrative investment for you. It’s a wealthy country with a very bright future and a property market looking increasing buoyant, due in part to the influx of investors from nearby Singapore and Hong Kong. Owing to its proximity to the equator, it enjoys a fabulous, year round tropical climate and boasts some of Asia’s best beaches.

If you’re not looking to retire abroad just yet, why not let your property work for you by renting it out during the holiday season? There are many emerging markets with a lower cost of living than in the UK, offering high rental and capital growth potential. Even the recent problems in the global economy, such as the credit crunch and increases in the cost of living don’t seem to have made a dent in people’s appetite for travelling abroad. The future’s looking much brighter for ‘buy-to-let’ investments and don’t forget, today’s cheaper and more frequent flights to many of the popular resorts are making the whole package much more attractive and affordable for everyone.

So you see, you don’t actually need to rob a bank. There are far easier and more legitimate ways of turning your dream into a reality…

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