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So you have secured your development and refurbishment and finance remodelling your bathroom is an exciting exercise and if you have decided on what to do, chances are that you can’t wait to get started. However, it can be a bit it of a challenge and there are some no-so-exciting but important things you need to do first. For instance, you need to decide on a timeline, how much you will spend, who you would be working with,and so on. When you look at it this way, you will realise that it isn’t all fun; that it can actually be extremely overwhelming.

Because we know this already, we have put together a checklist of all the things you have to get together and have under control before venturing into the redesigning itself. With it, you are guaranteed a smooth project that will stay on track.

Set a budget

This is the first step you have to take in you bathroom remodelling. Checking budget includes figuring out the much you are willing to spend. Remember, getting your dream look doesn’t necessarily mean going above and beyond. First figure out what you will be spending on labour. Once you remove this from the estimate, then you have a clearer idea of what you would be adding and those you will be forgoing. Some of these variables include some materials, fixtures, fittings, and so on. It will be easier if you check out some bathroom renovation cost guides to help you have an idea what your fund can get you.

Set a time frame

The timeframe is essential especially when you only have one bathroom in your home. Don’t assume because the size is small, it won’t take time. Instead, factor in such things as orders you’ll make, tiles you’ll purchase, fixtures and every other thing you’ll have to take care of.

Set a time frame and stay it’s course. While at it, make other arrangements for bathing. But you will have to consult and hire an experienced professional who will also give you an idea of the timeframe will be like (except you are good at bathroom DIY).


Poor lighting can turn your beautifully designed bathroom into an impractical and dangerous facility. Therefore, you have to make sure you have an adequate and functional lighting arrangement made into your design. Before providing for sufficient artificial light, first make provision for how to maximize natural sunlight. You can speak to your designer to make recommendations for quality bathroom lighting supplies.


Check if you have already made provision for the room to be well ventilated. For a wet facility like he bathroom, there is need for detailed planning effort to go into making it well ventilated. A poorly ventilated bathroom will always be damp and mouldy which can result in some health hazards and even become physically harmful to users. If you haven’t already covered that base, you should speak to your contractor or designer to provide for constant flow of air into your bathroom.

The order of the work

Creating a bathroom renovation order of work reduces the chances of mistakes and ensuring the work goes smoothly. Once you have mapped out to steps to take, then you can easily focus on one area of the work at once. Usually, such order of work starts with the ceiling and moves on to the walls. Also, following a work sequence will ensure you don’t damage any of your new refitting components.


Ensure you have your measurements and specifications right not just before you start working but even before you head to the store. There are generally three major concerns in this area you should have about bathroom renovation namely the size of the bathroom stace itself, pipe and electrical wiring itself and the areas of the bathroom fixtures. Going ahead to start work without checking off this part can result in your needing to start everything afresh.


Once you have all these covered, you should also think about how you are going to have the bathroom cleaned when work is done. You will be surprised how much debris. Depending on the amount of cleaning you will need, you can consider hiring a cleaning agency to step in once the work is done. In this case, you may also need to add a day or two to your project timeframe.

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