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Malta Global Residence Programme

The Global Residence Programme is available to non-EU nationals, who are interested in taking up residence in Malta, while enjoying a favourable tax. Permit holders are also able to work or set up a business in Malta once they have applied for and have obtained the necessary permits.

There are no minimum stay requirements. However, they may not spend more than 183 days in a calendar year in any one particular foreign jurisdiction.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must not be a Maltese/ EEA/ Swiss national.
  • Applicant must hold a qualifying property which the individual occupies as his principal place of residence worldwide, either by:
    • 1.  Purchasing – In this case, the minimum value must be of at least €270,000 for properties situated in Gozo and the South of Malta, or a minimum of €320,000 for properties situated in the rest of Malta.
    • 2.  Renting – If the applicant opts to rent a property this must be of a minimum value of €10,000 per annum for properties situated in Gozo or the South of Malta. If the properties are situated in the rest of Malta, a minimum of €12,000 per annum must be spent.
  • Applicant needs to prove that he is in receipt of stable and regular resources that are sufficient to maintain himself and his dependants without recourse to the social assistance system in Malta.
  • Applicant needs to be in possession of health insurance which covers himself and his dependants in respect of all risks across the whole of the EU. The health insurance cover must be procured by a company licensed in Malta or by an international reputable health insurance company.
  • Applicant must be in possession of valid travel documents, for both themselves and their dependents.
  • Applicant must also be able to communicate adequately in Maltese or English and must be a fit and proper person.

Tax Benefit

Through the Global Residence Programme, a flat rate of 15% tax is applicable on foreign income remitted to Malta, with a minimum tax of €15,000 per year. The minimum tax threshold covers both the main applicant and dependents included on the same application. Any other income (such as local source income) is subject to a flat rate of 35% tax. Beneficiary would also be able to benefit from double taxation relief.

A standard application processing fee of €6,000 is applicable if a property is purchased in Malta and €5,500 if the property is bought or rented in Gozo or the South of Malta. One must apply through an Authorised Registered Mandatory.

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