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Matterport Virtual Tours For Ontario Homebuilders

We can all agree that the COVID-19 did disrupt our way of life in various aspects, forcing us to adapt and overcome. In an attempt to maintain social distancing, homebuyers switched to virtual tours as their primary method of buying homes. Let’s get something straight though, virtual tours were still there even before, it’s only that the pandemic acted as a catalyst and proliferated 3D virtual tours as a must-have marketing tool for homebuilders. The builders have actually embraced this change, as they even have increased their marketing budgets so as to cover the virtual tours. As we head into the future, the tours seem set to become a permanent fixture in home buying processes. This is something Ontario Matterport service providers have taken note of, and are doing everything possible to give the homeowners an efficient 3D virtual tour service that would help them showcase their designs online.

How do model home virtual tours work?

3D virtual tours give prospective homebuyers a glimpse of a property they are looking to buy without having to be there to inspect in person. During the tour, the buyer is able to control and view whichever part of the property they want – every corner of the property without having to travel. This technology has proved to be quite useful to home designers, as it has enabled them to showcase their modern designs to prospective buyers from anywhere around the globe, which means that they have quite a wide prospective market audience. As a result, this has led to the tremendous growth of the housing market.

Other than providing the homebuilder with a wider market audience, 3D tours also enable them to give the buyers an experience on how they could use the property, or basically, how they would feel while in that space, which would really make them want to visit the property in person. As you may know, how a homebuyer feels in a space is what informs him or her whether or not they want to spend money on it. So, other than creating the perfect 3D tour, the homebuilders must also make the property feel like what they presented in a 3D model. The buyer must feel what he or she felt when they first took the 3D tour.

The other aspect regards prices and the speed of the process. Basically, there has been a study that showed that listing a property with a 3D tour does increase its price by around two percent. The reason for this is the fact that virtual tours do elicit a lot of interest from prospective buyers, which leads to more and more visits. As a result of the increased interest, the seller feels more confident, and therefore, he or she may hold onto the property, hoping to get a much better offer, which will certainly be higher than the initial price. For this reason, as well, the property is most certainly stay on the market a little bit longer, but will eventually sell at a higher price. Lastly, the virtual tours also enhance the image of the homebuilder to the prospective buyers. What we mean by this is that when a builder creates a desirable 3D tour, he or she is always likely to attract much better offers, as the buyers will always perceive them to be professionals, and focused on what they are doing.

How can Point3D Commercial Imaging help you as a home builder?

Having been in the industry for a while now, a lot of home builders are now relying on us to provide the best and most effective 3D tours of the property to market online. The 3D pieces are not only clear and thorough but also help to bring out the real model and design of the property perfectly, which is guaranteed to increase the interest of prospective buyers visiting. Also, the imaging & reality capture solutions are not only able to showcase your property to the online market, but they also streamline documentation.

In a nutshell, home builders in Ontario, Canada can use 3D virtual tour service with the following:

To attract more visits by prospective buyers. As we mentioned earlier, the 3D virtual tour companies do this by enabling the buyers to ‘walk’ throughout the property before visiting, which in turn builds on their trust and confidence.

To enhance online engagement – compared to a video, a 3D tour is more clear and detailed, and hence keeps prospective buyers online engaged, which drives the property sales up. Remember, it is known that people are more likely to spend their time touring a home virtually, whether to see the space itself or to just marvel at the technology, rather than scrolling pictures or even watching videos. The 3D tour will capture attention pretty quickly, and in the process, the property will, in turn, sell pretty quickly. Prospective buyers will keep clicking, and that translates to more traffic to your homes.

To reduce unnecessary site visits – at a time like this, with the pandemic still wreaking havoc across the world, many homebuilders were looking for ways they could reduce unnecessary site visits. The 3D virtual tour did exactly that, as prospective buyers were able to walk through the space from wherever they are, anytime and at their own pace. This way, only the most qualified prospects will visit the site, thereby observing the social distancing guidelines and also reducing the transmission of the virus.

In addition, since almost everything is carried out online, the homeowners are relying on the company to ensure that the transaction deals close pretty quickly, by allowing prospective buyers the opportunity to fill in their information about the property of choice in an immersive online format. This shortens the deal cycle, which is good news both to the buyer and the homebuilder.

Final word

Are you trying to market a property? Give your prospective buyers a realistic ‘walk-through’ of the property through a 3D virtual tour, which gives them an idea of what to expect when they visit in person. The good thing about this method is the fact that you will be marketing your design model to a wider online market, which also means that your chances of selling are pretty high.       

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