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The Global City by Masterise Homes

Today, we are going to tell you about an outstanding architectural real estate masterpiece developed by one of the most prestigious investors in the high-end property market, Masterise Homes. This project is referred to as the Global City and will sit on a 117.4-hectare of land in the heart of An Phu ward, Thu Duc City in Vietnam, providing easy connectivity to the neighbouring districts, as well as major highways, roads, and metro lines. This masterpiece will include high-rise and low-rise apartments, villas and social housing, medical facilities, administration facilities, schools, and a shopping mall among other amenities, which will, together, create a sustainable, mixed-use community. In this article, we will take a look at the Global City project in detail, telling why you need to invest there, plus how you stand to benefit.

The Global City project

The ambitious Global City project seeks to strike a balance between human wellbeing and biodiversity within an urban context, by integrating the property with a range of flexible and landscaped community spaces, which creates a holistic and sustainable masterpiece for the future. It’s literary a ‘city within a city.’ There are five neighbourhoods that are distinctively designed to meet the specific needs of the residents. Most of the high-rise residential buildings are found on the central boulevard, where there is a large public park, which gives visitors and residents spectacular riverside views. You will also find pedestrian bridges connecting the neighbourhood with the surrounding areas, thereby improving walkability, which, in turn, promotes physical wellbeing. Other than that, Masterise Homes has promised that everyone who will be investing will receive premium care and will also be treated to the highest possible standards of hospitality.

In terms of design, the buildings complement the existing palette in the city, when it comes to the materials used, which include bricks and timber. It pretty much celebrates the rich and varied street life of the area. For you as the property investor, buying a property here will most certainly enhance human connections between you and your neighbours, and will also re-establish a positive relationship with nature. Just imagine the several green, breathable spaces available, including courtyards, parks, and gardens, not to mention lush landscaping that creates amazing walkways. It’s everything you would ever want in a residential place. Masterise Homes did develop the Global City in a way that will improve biodiversity and will avail large spaces to socialize, exercise, or basically gather whenever you feel like it.

What are some of the properties available?

Even though the entire project isn’t expected to be complete until 2025, there are quite a number of properties being booked in the Global City right now, which we recommend you check out. Since March 2022, townhouses, shophouses, and condos have been open for selling. It has attracted quite a number of investors. Other than the fact that the properties are impressive, we also have to mention the ease of buying, which is mostly facilitated by the sales policy already in place as well as banks, as they are offering loans of up to 80% of the property value.

In terms of property distribution, the high-rise complex has over 10,000 apartments – 1-4 bedrooms with an area of 50 – 150m2. As for the townhouses, there are over 2000 apartments, where each has a basement, as well as a backyard.

Who came up with the Global City Masterplan?

Masterise Homes selected Foster + Partners to serve as their architectural advisors in their masterpiece project, the Global City. Highly known for eye-catching projects such as the Hearst Tower in New York City, The Gherkin in London, and many more across the globe, Foster +partners are literary the best in the business. With the British engineering firm in charge of coming up with the Global City masterplan, of course, you can expect innovative and super sustainable residential design solutions. The appointment of Fosters + Partners clearly demonstrates the vision of Masterise Homes – the developer – to create a world-class residential area within Vietnam. This is also among the reasons why we believe the Global city is a dream come true for many property investors, especially those that are looking to explore the Vietnamese market.

How do you stand to benefit by investing in the Global City by Masterise Homes?

There are a number of benefits you stand to gain when you decide to invest in one of the properties in the Global City. They include the following:

  • Above everything else, Masterise Homes gives the Global City project so much credibility around the world, due to the reputation and the long-standing brand name the investor has built in the real estate industry. There are several high-end properties already offered to the market, thanks to Masterise Homes.
  • The Global City is basically an eco-standard green living area, which other than the enormous green space available, inherits an amazing operating system.
  • Property investors are provided with a super flexible payment method based on the time of completion for each property.
  • Lastly, the fact that the world’s number one architectural engineer and designer – Foster + Partners – designed the residential properties also makes them worth investing. Foster + Partners is best known for high-class living and office spaces across the world.

Final thought

Without a doubt, the Global City is one of the futuristic masterplans to ever been created in recent years, and to be honest, it’s a golden opportunity for property investors to take advantage of the booming Vietnamese property market. The collaboration of Masterise Homes – the leading property developer in the region – and Foster + Partners – the leading architectural engineer and designer – on this project also raises the bar among the property investors, and it’s basically one of the reasons for the increased the demand. So, have you always wanted to explore the Vietnamese property market, this is your best chance to do so. To learn more about the market, more so, the Global City project, you can seek assistance from a local real estate agent, who will also take you through the entire process successfully.   

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