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The Prestige City – Plots Villas & Apartments in Bangalore

Prestige Smart City is a landmark residential masterpiece that’s located off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, set to offer luxury apartments, plots, villas as well as retail space. The township provides an impeccable list of possibilities in terms of connectivity to the rest of the city. With infrastructure development on a growing trend in the city, and its close proximity to prominent IT tech packs, education, and medical institutions, it is rapidly developing into a real estate hub, offering the best environment to raise a family. The apartments in Prestige City are designed by the finest engineers in the industry who embrace convenience and safety at the same time.

This project is being done by Prestige Group, which is one of the most recognised names in the property market in Bangalore, specifically when it comes to conceptualising and delivering stellar commercial and residential projects. The Prestige group does have several upcoming projects, but the Prestige City project is the biggest one, and it’s expected to launch in the second quarter of 2021.

The perfect residential mix

The surge in demand for property in Bangalore, which has resulted in the developers offering mixed residential options, to try and meet this demand. To many investors, buying a dream home in a place with all the amenities and other facilities is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Prestige City consists of magnificent villas, amazing plots, commercial spaces, and luxurious apartment complexes, making it one of the best projects to look forward to in the near future. Are you looking for an affordable home in an area with critical amenities and facilities? If so, this is the place to be! Here, you will not only enhance your standards of living, but also the ease of living.

There are apartments of varied sizes, with one, two, three, and four bedrooms spread across multiple towers, independent villas, and plotted development in the city. The elegant and contemporary design of the project has multitudinal aspects of a dream home. The location has manicured landscaping, and lastly, there are pristine water bodies, which encompass the periphery.

Moreover, the Prestige City projects offer exhaustive, signature recreational and leisure amenities and facilities, including clubhouses packed with exclusive features, children’s play areas, swimming pool for all, gymnasium, sports and fitness features for fitness enthusiasts, and many other amenities for all age groups. So, are you in the process of buying your dream home? The Prestige City offers the perfect investment opportunity, and it’s indeed worth considering.  

How does owning land in Prestige City feel like?

Considering everything that prestige city township offers: from playing a host to a multitude of top-class amenities and facilities to bougainvillea boulevards, well-tended gardens, numerous green initiatives – which includes rainwater harvesting, recycling initiatives as well as sewage treatment – not forgetting 24/7 hour surveillance, owning land in the prestigious township will certainly evoke feelings of immense pride and peace of mind with the knowledge that you own a piece of land in such a sophisticated and refined enclave. The holistic and eco-friendly lifestyle of the township makes it such a trendy place to invest in, making your investment worth it in every way.

How will you benefit from buying a plot in the Prestige City gated community?

One thing about a gated community is that it is enclosed by a perimeter wall that’s strictly guarded with only a few access points and restricted vehicle movements. You will find all the amenities that are needed to lead a comfortable life. Now, one of the major benefits of own a plot in a gated community is the tight security that comes with it. With the perimeter wall, controlled access points, as well as well-trained security personnel manning these points, not to mention 24 hour CCTV surveillance, you can rest assured that both you and your family are safe and secure at all times. Moreover, buying a plot in the Prestige City gated community will certainly evoke a sense of community, which brings together different commonalities. Also, it’s very common to find celebrations and events in a gated community, and they are super important when it comes to strengthening the bond between the residents. But the fact there is a sense of community, and all, in a gated community, doesn’t interfere with your privacy in any way. The 24-hour security ensures that unauthorised visitors aren’t allowed on your property, meaning that you will never have to worry about trespassers or unwanted visitors.

When you buy a plot in a gated community, expect a relatively peaceful life, an eco-friendly environment as well as sustainable values, which is what we all want, especially in this day and age. However, all these benefits will be reflected in the price, which means that you might find plots in a gated community are a bit expensive. But if you were to consider the all-pervasive sense of safety and exclusivity, of course, you will understand why buying a plot of land in a gated community is such a great idea.

What about the prices?

Apartment prices in prestige city are arrived at after reviewing the expenses incurred plus the labor and the materials used during construction, all priced at present-day rate. All the units are expected to go from about Rs 4250 to around Rs 4450 per square foot. The payment plans are quite easy, and possession is expected by 2023, the latest. While booking, you have to pay 50 thousand where the first 10 percent has to be paid within the first 10 days. This amount excludes stamp duty, registration fees, as well as other miscellaneous charges – which include power backup charge, gas connection charge, meter installation charge, etc. These charges will be paid at the time of possession. Any extra area covered such as parking or terrace area will also be charged per square meters and will be paid at the time of possession.

Final thought

This is the best place you can ever buy property in all of Bangalore. Compared to other markets in India, it is quite stable, with prices gradually rising in the last couple of years. Choose wisely though! Consider all the factors before making your final decision.

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