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Tips for Selling A House Quickly

It does not matter the reason, as long as there are viable options available for desperate sellers, but you need to know how to sell a house quickly. If a homeowner is willing to make some small compromises (and this does not mean 50% of their asking price, as some unscrupulous quick sale agencies suggest), it is possible to sell a property within two weeks. These are some tips and tricks which can help property owners offload a home quickly.

Avoid Extensive Work – if there are no urgent problems which need fixing, the time before you sell if much better spent dealing with quick solutions. For example, repaint radiators and feature walls, tidy up skirting boards, and clear out clutter. If the property does not need extensive work, there is no reason to waste valuable selling time trying to change things.

Use A Reliable Agent – when it comes to selling fast, it is important to find an agency which is reliable and reputable. You need to be able to trust that your agent is on top of the financial and administrative sides of the transaction, whilst you guarantee that the home is ready to be sold. In fact, two weeks is just about the shortest possible time frame in which a property can be legitimately offloaded, so make sure that your agency is always on the other end of the phone if problems arise.

Emphasis The Exterior – rather than spending a lot of time and cash on complex interior changes, it can be a good idea to emphasis the outside features of a property. For instance, focus on fixing broken roof tiles, cleaning up shabby garden spaces and maybe buying some elegant furniture, varnishing peeling doors, and just generally making sure that your home has as much ‘kerb appeal’ as possible. It might sound like a trivial piece of advice, but studies have shown that impressive exteriors very often lead to impressive sales.

Price It Properly – on the part of the homeowner, it is vital to understand that recommended asking prices are based on a number of variables. If a trusted agency gives you a figure that you do not like, they are not trying to cheat you out of cash. There is only so much that can be done to increase the value of a home. It can be redecorated and renovated. It can be placed on the market at the optimum time. It might even end up selling for lots more than an agency expected. However, you have to accept that your property will likely sell for precisely how much it is really worth – even if that figure is not one that you fully agree with.

Embrace Online Tactics – a lot of homeowners forget that there is skill involved in placing an online listing. If there weren’t, no property would ever stay on the market for longer than two weeks. In the same way that your home will be competing with similar properties in the local area, it will also be competing with similar properties online. It’s is the job of an agency to make sure that it stands head and shoulders above the rest, with an online listing that is both eye catching and engaging.

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