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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Holiday Home in Marbella

Marbella, Spain, continues to be one of the best destinations in Europe that simply never goes out of fashion. With some of the best climatic conditions in Europe, Marbella attracts all kinds of people, from sun worshippers to celebrities and even world leaders to its shores on the Costa del Sol every year. Now, the town is nestled under the La Concha Mountain and it is home to the glamorous resort of Puerto Banús, where a dazzling array of sports cars, trendy restaurants, designer shops, and super yachts all compete for space. Considering all these aspects of this town, of course, it interests you and you might be considering buying a holiday home there, but you are still not convinced. So, let’s convince you now by telling you the reasons why you should go ahead with the investment.

Spanish weather – due to the warm temperatures experienced during the summer, Spain is certainly one of the best holiday destinations, Marbella in particular. As the town is located on the very southern end of Spain, it means that it faces North Africa, and thereby enjoys the very best of the Mediterranean climate. The town experiences temperate weather conditions, which means that it’s never that hot during the summer nor too cold in the winter. So, if you are looking to buy a home in Spain, then this is your kind of town. Just imagine all the sunshine hours and also the fact that the town enjoys its own microclimate! What’s more, the fact that the town never experiences extreme weather as it’s surrounded by the Sierra Blanca Mountain ranges!

Attractive town – Marbella is not only a very cosmopolitan town but it is also surrounded by natural beauty. For starters, the white and sandy beaches are the kinds you would like to sunbathe during the day and stroll in the evening. Also, there is the majestic Sierra Blanca whose valleys are home to amazingly located villas. So, when you buy a holiday home in Marbella, you are guaranteed far-reaching views, whether it is the Mediterranean, the surrounding hills, or even North Africa. Just imagine such a view from your bedroom window!

It’s easy to reach – there are two airports in Marbella – both of which are within a short driving distance – a high-speed rail service and a modern motorway network, which all facilitate the smooth and efficient movement of people in and out and also within the town. As a matter of fact, the town boasts one of the best travel networks in the Mediterranean. A couple of years ago, there was an expansion of Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, and since then, there has been an extended network of direct flights into the town, meaning that many people are now able to commute with so much efficiency. Some of these people spend most days working in the Northern part of Spain or Europe at large and then spend their weekends enjoying the Marbella sunshine.

Retirement haven – the truth, Spain is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world today. In fact, it is the most popular in Europe and 8th in the world, as it was outlined by the Annual Global Retirement Index by International Living. Marbella is one of the most sought-after in Spain, and there is a solid reason why that is the case. For starters, the infrastructure in the town is excellent – as you will find world-class schools and medical facilities. Also, finding real estate agents to help you find a perfect retirement house is in Marbella is relatively easy. 

Celebrity lifestyle – in the summer, it has become quite common to spot celebrities ranging from Michelle Obama to media personalities, famous footballers, Royals, and reality stars from TOWIE in the town, particularly in the different nightspots, bars, and restaurants – not to mention the glitzy designer boutiques of Puerto Banús. Now, if this is where all these high-rated celebs are spending their holidays, why not you? Moreover, over 5 million people visit the relatively small marina every year. Think about it, if all these people plus cool celebrities visit Marbella, it could only mean that there is something special about this town that they love. So, you also should not be left behind – live that celebrity lifestyle in your own holiday home in this amazing place.

The quality of the villas – even when you are busy selecting where you want to buy a holiday home – which in this case is Marbella – the selection of the home itself is also as important as the environment. Now, Marbella is home to some of the most luxurious holiday homes in all of Spain. According to Physis Realty, clients are often pleasantly surprised by the exteriors and interiors of most holiday homes, particularly in terms of the brand appliances installed, air conditioning systems, well-kept interiors, and most importantly, the stylish architecture of the structures. Due to the influx of well-to-do foreigners, who would never settle for anything lesser than their taste, to the town, the homes have to be built and designed accordingly.

The town feels like home – the town is an international hotspot where people from all walks of life and from different countries across the world visit. Some flock to the beautiful town as a holiday destination, but there are those who have made Marbella their permanent home. Basically, with this kind of global mix, then there will be stores and brands where you will be able to buy familiar products from your home country so that you won’t miss anything while you are there. Now, this cosmopolitan nature doesn’t at all mean that the town has lost its Spanish roots, it’s just that Marbella is very Andalusian, which means that it allows you to enjoy the finest traditional foods, offered nowhere else in the country, and also experience local festivities and fiestas. Lastly, the large number of international visitors also means that facilities such as supermarkets and hospitals and even restaurants and clubs – basically everything that you are used to at home – are in plenty.

Final thought

Marbella, and Spain in general, do have many things to offer, from first-world European luxuries, sunny climate, from an abundant seaside living. But there is also one added bonus – the cost of living. In fact, its cost of living is the lowest in Europe. Moreover, with a fun-loving, late-night culture, wonderful food, as well as amazing and friendly people, Marbella is very appealing, and for sure, you need to own a ‘piece’ of it.  

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